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Social Development System in India

The Government is committed to the overall development of all sections of society. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment works towards educational development and economic and social empowerment of needy people. This section offers requisite information pertaining to the Central and State Government Departments and their activities in the social development sector. You can find details of educational institutions, commissions, schemes, and online facilities to avail of various government benefits. Related documents and forms are also available.

With a population of more than 1.2 billion, India is the world’s largest democracy. Over the past decade, the country’s integration into the global economy has been accompanied by economic growth. India has now emerged as a global player.

Since the 2000s, India has made remarkable progress in reducing absolute poverty. Between 2011 and 2015, more than 90 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic led India’s economy into a contraction of 7.3 percent in FY21, despite well-crafted fiscal and monetary policy support. Following the deadly ‘second wave,’ growth in FY22 is expected to be nearer to the lower bound of the range of 7.5 to 12.5 percent – still putting India among the fastest-growing economies in the world. The pace of vaccination, which is increasing, will determine economic prospects this year and beyond. Successful implementation of agriculture and labor reforms would boost medium-term growth, while weakened household and corporate balance sheets may constrain it. The economic slowdown triggered by the outbreak is believed to have had a significant impact, especially on poor and vulnerable households. Recent projections of GDP per capita growth, taking into account the impact of the pandemic, suggest that poverty rates in 2020 have likely reverted to estimated levels in 2016.

The informal sector, where the vast majority of India’s labor force is employed, has been particularly affected. As in most countries, the pandemic has exacerbated vulnerabilities for traditionally excluded groups, such as youth, women, and migrants. Labor market indicators suggest that urban households are now more vulnerable to falling into poverty than before the pandemic.

The response of the government to the COVID-19 outbreak has been swift and comprehensive. A national lockdown to contain the health emergency was complemented by a comprehensive policy package to mitigate the impact on the poorest households (through various social protection measures) as well as on small and medium enterprises (through enhanced liquidity and financial support).

With one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, India is a bright spot in a lackluster global environment. In the past three decades, per capita incomes have quadrupled, poverty has retreated, illiteracy rates have tumbled, and health conditions have improved. An expanding economy has provided the much-needed resources to address chronic infrastructure deficits and improve the lives of millions. India is now poised to transition to a higher and more widely shared level of prosperity: by 2047—the centenary of independence—most citizens could join the ranks of the global middle class. Households in the global middle class can fulfill a range of aspirations, such as safe and affordable housing, health care, education, clean water, sanitation facilities, reliable electricity, a safe environment, and discretionary income to spend on leisure pursuits. Achieving these goals requires incomes well above the extreme poverty line, as well as vastly improved levels of public service delivery. Projections suggest that for this to occur, rapid growth (of 8 percent or more) will need to be sustained for approximately the next three decades. And while the promise of a middle-class India may appear to be tantalizingly close, success is not necessarily pre-ordained. Most countries that grew rapidly in one decade, decelerated in the next.


         Be a Volunteer with the EICF

What is volunteering?
Volunteering is an unpaid service often made to an NGO to benefit different sections or communities

Why do people volunteer?
Volunteering boosts the physical and mental health of the volunteer as well as the beneficiaries with their services. A rise in the volunteerism culture in the past few decades makes it evident.

Furthermore, organizations prefer hiring those who have significant volunteering experience as it demonstrates:
• One’s ability to work in a team
• One’s passion to help the society
• Leadership skills
• Time management skills
• Accountability
• Integrity and ethical behavior

Additionally, it brings a sense of purpose and boosts confidence in volunteers.

Online volunteering opportunities

Introduce us to your organization
Help us reach your connections and motivate them to donate to our various programs for people coming from challenging socioeconomic communities.

Raise funds for a cause of your choice
You can conduct fundraising events to donate to children from low socioeconomic backgrounds; they may be wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and similar gatherings.Take us along with you
Take us along to the places you visit and introduce us to the people you meet. You can help us reach more people by:

• sharing presentations about our initiatives while addressing a gathering.
• distributing print-outs of information about volunteering opportunities with our NGO in your apartment, office, neighboring localities, and at special events.
Be our consultant
You can offer your services as a consultant for the various departments of our NGO depending on your skills and our requirement. You can guide us on Operations, Marketing, HR, Finance, Logistics, Online presence, Health and Nutrition, Fundraising, and others.

Trainers and physicians can conduct workshops or check-ups for our employees.

Contribute to our NGO in your own way!

It is your call to be active in any or all of these activities to help the underprivileged and fill your life with goodness. We will appreciate your efforts on our Facebook page.

We also welcome suggestions!
If you believe there are other effective ways to support us that are in line with our objective, we would love to hear from you.

You can apply online by the click on volunteer

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